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Saturday, 31 October 2009

The weeks that went ....

Welcome back to all those been following my blog . Trouble is I cant see any hint that my blog are being followed so if any of you are , please do post your comments . Brickbats or Bouquets whatever .... All donations accepted .

Okay..where do i now start with the last one of mine was many Monday,s back. Well what was then a trouble or problem is now a daily routine , so the then 3 kms walk to the Office bus is now Routine . 4 Songs on my mp3 player usually does the trick of me losing track of the time taken to reach the bus , but sometimes these hooligans friends of mine pester me saying me bus has come and i am left running ,puffing and panting only to realise that there is no bus .Well all part and parcel of pulling legs . But generally things have been really great going , office front too has been good ,well jobless actually .Personally everything seems just fine ,something of which I have become suspicious off. After all the ups and downs ,when things are actually good good , i still see some thing wrong as , why is my life so perfect ???. Wierd nah

October month has been a month of surprises its been diwali ,plus mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary celebrations .

I was looking forward for the wedding anniversary celebrations ,because friends and relatives would turn up making the house a little lively . And that wasnt the icing on the cake , I had enough leaves to take in month of october . So Diwali was good and awesome with thatha around . I was working the sunday though thanks to some extra work but that did not in any way dampen my sprits . We did burst crackers and light up the sky and all .

As always I hit my terrace , to enjoy the fireworks and took a few pictures with my camera .

And generally the diwali has been fun and now i was looking forward to the next week ,whic is my parents wedding anniversary . Couple of functions at home and people coming over.

Well that week turned out to be pretty hectic , running around for little errands . And by now ,I was frustrated by taking leaves because everytime I say i am at home , all I get is a big list of errands and cobwebs to clean ...... . I just motivated myself saying its for the anniversary and chugged along doing them .

The anniversary day did arrive , and boy was it hectic , going up and down , giving smiles to people whom i have never met in the distant past .Worse all the people kept saying in some melancholy stretchy south indian tone .... you have grown big ,"I saw you when you were ths small" . Drove me nuts ,dont people grow !!

The celebrations did end well and had some time to catch up with my cousin ,had some plas in my head on probabaly going out for dinner or some thing . For me its more about the time i spend wih my family rather than the food in this case . Ahem not that I dont care about food..

But that wasnt to happen ,but yep I did get some time after all .

The next evening they were to leave for Bangalore again ,and usually they would say come over to bangalore,but somehow things never meterialised that way . and I said , I will come over.

Would that happen ? Would I go to Bangalore soon ? Hmm . this time I decided the next long weekend I will go . When and which long weekend was the question ? .

The following Monday , I hit office after a gap of 5 days the weekend pus 2 of my leaves taken .It seemed like ages since I had been to office .

Things seemed preety ordinary and lazy and I was trying my best to show that i had some work . That wasn the case , as my manager called me to his desk and said , Shyam there is still no important work and you are still high on leaves . so go on vacation again .

I was like ..what!!! and said that I cant be just sent on leave ,I want to choose my leaves . Then he says llright but you gte to choose only one day out of the 2 alloted to you . My head whirred into action and like on leave eh ...Friday ! . I asked for the friday and noticed that it was heavily blocked by people with leaves .Well they say be good to managers always and sure , that helps , he just removed on the other guys fridays leave and allocated to me .

I stretched it a liitle bit and asked , can I go an hr early on Thursday , and he said yes . By this time , The Temporary itinery in my head for the Bangalore trip was sealed . Next step make it true .

Got my tickets booked for the Thursday Overnighter .

This post ends here .Rest in my next one . Well actually too lazy to continue writing and besides I thought its worthwhile to mention about the Trip one a dedicated post to it . .

See you folks till next time ....

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Anamika said...

So all in all u had a great October...unlike me, this october was one of the most unexpected in terms of work, personal life...n sadly in not a very good way...if u understand what I mean...nice to know the month was good for someone atleast!