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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

2010 The year that was....

Happy new year guys to all of you . 2011 indeed is here before you wink your eye , here I am in the middle of the Australian summer putting my writing to good use . 2010 ....wat a year its been , a fantastic year overall with full of masalas , emotions , amazing friendships,achievements.From my transition in career working in a ITES sector to the IT sector being a non techie background. It was a risk well taken knowing what will be thrown at me , hehe the path was pretty messy at first but then the success was sure worth all the trouble. Oh yea that transition also took me from Hyderabad in south India to Melbourne in Australia .

Since April 2010 , I have been here done that , the first few months it was just me and phani and boy , were we bored to death pingin each other . That was soon a thing of the past , by June the both of us were in our respective leagues of our own ,and then began our adventures on going out on trips. So the first was with steam engine thing and then from snow did things change .The trip to Mt Baw Mt Baw started it all ,and from then on its been a journey of amazing friendships and roadtrips.

By the time i pen this down , my nonsensical calculation tells me that I have driven around 2000 odd kilometres and across all vehicle categories from small cars to jumbovans. I have just loved driving in the country side , but not the freeways , where you sit like a zombie with the cruise control at 100 and the road goes on and on and on until you your car rumbles when this behemoth 22 wheeler dual trailers comes screaming down your back at a 100 kms rattling the bones outa you.So my trip dairies include most of victoria in all directions from the grampians to the peninsula region and some overly hyped up islands with the miniature penguins .

And then times have been really good with the usual gate crashing into peoples home and my second non rent paying home being 155 Bourke street . we had something to talk about almost everyday. yea sometimes it was boring office stuff .So the days just rumbled on with the work load just on the border line of acceptance and just going on .By now the passport loss has been nullified with new passports and a new mp3 player as well ,so that takes care of my music affinity . And come the new camera i have taken a great interest for photography and i think i am taking my fathers traits . And the best part my friends are happy too , i take their pics and their respective boyfriends find them a lot more beautiful and drool extra , so yea win win situation . Sometimes i sheepishly say hey your boyfriend said yur looking great and give the fotographer the treat , so yea fulfill it hehehe . Shameless me .

And the last months of the year 2010 just whizzed way with some flopped roadtrips and my birthday in style on december 3rd when i seem a lot older at 24 but still younger around my friends here in melbourne. The trip to tasmania sure was nice and adventurous , with me jumpin around in the high seas with my belt coming off and meeting some seals and stuff. and then freaking out with friends at friendly beach . After that I was busy cos the greatest moment for a son ever getting parents to aussie land. Mum and dad were here and I was more than happy to drive em around , Some long standing wishes were fulfilled , like the MCG for dad . australian open grand slam for mum. And sure i have souvenirs for all of them. And the trip to sydney made me see the one side of dad i have neevr seen with his friend shose friendship lasts longer than my age. Sydney was just amazing to see from a different country perspective. Some day I would wish to settle down there the Aussie Mumbai as i would call it . So much liek aamchi mumbai ehhe guesss its ammachi sydney.

New years eve was with me sending away dad on his return journey and then coming to my non rent home for a get together with my entire gang. And then 3 2 1 and we wished 2011 a great welcome, wats in store , i have no idea , but i did really start it brimming with confidence and I will continue to take it further.

With this I am screeching the blog to a halt and user in my first blog of the year 2011. Bye 2010 you have sure been a wild ride , seeya all peace and Ta !