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Friday, 9 April 2010

Striking Contrasts , Frequent Travels and Catch up with Chennai

Hellloooooooooo and a big hi to all of you following my blogs . There are loads and loads of stuff to pen down and I guess i would probably take ages to fill in this blog as well . Allright my last blog said I am waiting for my summer timings .

Err.....things took a rapid turn , I wasn't there to see my office summer timings ,it all started in the month of February when I was getting into the search for other job mode , well there wasnt actually any strong reason to Quit except for the Vitamin M factor . I basically wanted to scour around to see how much is the market outside and thus began a journey ,a choice between paths .....and thus the story begins .

I am now onto a new job into the ever famous 2nd Idiot box field , ie the software industry . It was a very very hard choice to make considering my previous employer treated me like a king and the current one only had money to lure me and nothing else . There are very few people in the world who would want to get out and get hurt and learn life , trouble is I chose that path .

April 5th was my first date with the new Office , one ramshackle place about 30 odd kilometers from home .First glance ........woaaaaaaaaa , wearing ties in chennai ! ! . This city is such a bloody sultry place , you would end up with soot in less than 20 mins and have a million sweat baths in a single day . I was shown my system , looked like a trash , discarded pc from some raddi wala , a far cry from my swanky 2gb system and intel dual core at my prev place . And then was this suicidal task of filling up a 50 page form . gosh I must have written my fathers name and residential address atleast a 100 times .

And then was this endless wait for someone to come I was sitting in the induction room with the docs ready and for 4 hours there was no one to even attend to, not the kind off welcome i expect from the HR considering that this was my first day in office . They seem to say , welcome to the land of laziness . Rubbish was the only word , The infrastructural facilities was poles apart . I take back every curse I might have said about the AC not working , blower only on at my prev place ,cos here I have to search like a rat to get cool air at some nook and cranny of the room .

I asked the guys around , you think the ac is working ?? to which they promptly replied . oh yes it is working take a walk outside and come back this is colder . Hmmph some logic and thus ended my first day .

The next day I was at bangalore to another office an this one day trip was fun , Starts of with a 40 minute plane ride from Chennai and then 2 hr Bus ride within Bangalore city goin round and round. And finally I reach this office , wow this office was swanky and just like my prev place . i would love to work here . Later the following day I met up with my classmate shruti in bangalore for like a quick 15 minutes and off i go back to chennai .

Well by now . I am more or less falling into a routine , i think i can say this as my grumbling about the new place is going down by the day and I am now reaching that stage where I can say from the good old tag line . 'What was once a problem is now routine " My day begins at 7am to the office and back at 7Pm . And I catch up my ever favorite pastime of sleeping in 3 hour combined Bus ride to the work place and back .

Soon the 7am to 7pm screeched to a halt as the weekend arrived and I just lazed around with the evng trip to the beach . The beach trip was a nostalgic one with the good old kites flying , the 5 bucks peanuts which is now 15 and the beach is smashing clean .

Well tht brings me to the end of this blog , Chennai has changed a lot and looks promising to throw some surprises at me . Really looking forward to those ......

Till the next time ..see you all take care and keep smiling