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Sunday, 28 February 2010

2010- Year of the Flowing Thoughts

19.33 on the clock and here I am sitting in front of my laptop on a Sunday evening . They say that idle minds is a devils workshop . I am not sure how true that is , but i am sure being restless.
Decided to do something useful by writing this blog .
By now all of you must have noticed I never keep my promises of writing my blogs on time ,so I promise not to make promises .Lets see if i at least keep up this promise .

Allright the new year has been good so far ,though I was a little upset about a few things which i will mention as we go further in to the blog . And for people who have been asking , whether i have kept my resolutions . The answer is YES . I have ....

January was a speeder , the month just flew the usual work home routine and stuff there wasnt anything special in january except for the fact that I made frequent trips to my favourite highway to get rid of my furios mode . Feb is where the action and the roller coaster ,this month was a goner and by no means a cakewalk ,For starters things on the relationship was'nt good and the on off ,on off saga seemed to drag on ,until a day came where i had enough to put a full stop to it . Wasnt an easy one to choose , but feel it was the right one ,and then came the period of post break off which was even worse . I was just getting out of it when the ever famous hike letters came over and it was needless to say a big dissapointment . My CTC now looks like a Bata Shoe store Price tag .. 99.99 something . Yuck!

And that whole week was me grumbling and lost in a myriad of though process whether i should stick around to the company , go for an other one , go for my further studies . And during these stages did i come to no a certain part of myself , which i thought never existed . While browsing though the net for jobs and found some jobs in other cities countries etc , I noticed me holding back something , a kind off hesitance to fill in the application form . Somewhere at the back of my head was this reluctance to move to another city .

Now for all you guys who know me , I always keep saying Mumbai is my home , but the fact is time has flown and now the ever so famous hyderabad is the place I have stayed the longest till date and all the time i ve hated this city . Coming to think of it and when I introspected myself it was just down to one thing Friends.....

Cities are not the show stopper for me , but friends are , the very reason I loved Mumbai for my friends there and the time we had is just repeating itself here in hyderabad . Of course the best times I had in Hyderbad are still not the same as compared to mumbai , but they are strong enough to keep me rooted to this city .

And somewhere down the line , there seems to be this bonding between friends ,where we havent talked for years ever since we left school , but there is that trust that we are there for each other . My connection with my school friends have increased, we meet up every day on chat and still talk about the old times , distances are so huge , that we all are now scattered across India and that leaves all of us to grumble ... when will we ever meet up .

Nevertheless things must go on and so it is .. i have been having a tough time with my choice of words offlate and it is not doing any good for me with the people i know .I dont seem to do it intentionally but I if i look back on it ,and look at it from an other person perception it does seem intentional and i would agree with those who pointed out the mistake . Man life is complicated!

I am trying to get rid of my flipsides sooner , and i really need to do it , the sooner I do it myself the better for me is what I understand .

Well apart from these , the upsides were there too and pretty interesting ones at at ,for starters the month of Feb was shop shop month . Me and Mom raided the lifestyle sale . And then was this first experience of clubbing . I must say ,I had never been so reserved and my feet just would'nt move at all . not that I used to dance ,I was not the dancer guy , but i do shake a leg or two to some numbers which i would know , but on this occasion ,i guess the signals werent reaching the nerves in the legs and hands ! hehe . And then were these long drives which was really refreshing .

March will come soon and summer will be as well ... I am just waiting for the time channge in my office .

Well that sums it up for now ... till the next one . peace and love to all