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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 , Reflections of the Year he goes .

All right the lazy guy is back again with some mad idea in his head to write down his December in this blog . So lets see how good he can get ....

Ahem greetings guys ,allright from what you see above , thats my imaginary blog space bitching about me . Yea all right , I am lazy blah blah etc .

Waking up to a Morning on a lazy Monday morning , I just gaze at the open wall and I say to myself 2009 is coming to an end ,Shyam you need to remember this year . 09 has been a year of sorts , honestly both professionally and personally its has been one heck of a year .Plus the events unfolding with the recent bandhs , asking for a separate state and all has certainly added the masala touch to the year .

I tried my best to rewind and start from January but to no avail , so i am going to go backwards as the latest thoughts are fresh and as i pen them down i will get a hint of the previous months ahead . Starting with this week , well its romantic December ever since Christmas began . Well I was supposed to be in Mumbai the Christmas long weekend which did not materialise as my mom was unwell and I had to take care of her . And besides was this god forsaken Telangana Bandh . I dont know what these politicians want but in my opinion Its all about Money honey for them to ask for a separate statehood .

Same time around came one of my moms students . Shivangi was her name , had come apparently for some MBA college look out ,well so off I go to pick her up and the 5 days from 23- 28 went like a whizz. Allright guys one way I was happy that I have someone here to take care of my mom while I hit office. We had fun , took her out to an Italian restaurant and had some amazing Italian buffet . And yes a drive to the temples as well . Work front has been nice as well all December basically doing the odd jobs around and training people and stuff . Yes there have been those up down days when you feel like a total wreck .I attended the Departments year end bash and since it was the first time for me i quite enjoyed it and was it good .

And the Saggitarian guy turned 23 , well the birthday bash was no less than exciting , this birthday was well celebrated and would go down as one of the memorable ones for a long time . Gifts poured in from all ends , friends made it a happening one this time .. From the movies end I watched 3 Idiots , Hangover , Kanden Kadhalai ,. Movies were good , enjoyed them all . 3 Idiots will go down as one of the best movies I ve seen so far . And plus the December has generally been my month with holidays , birthdays, parties , travels, movies etc .

Well coming to my close of my blog this time ,2010 looks very promising .

I can feel the energy in me waiting to be fully utilised to perfection . Resolutions include doing 5 push ups a day , doing a Quality Project at Work , get myself a rise in position .Lets see how the year unfolds

Wish you all a very happy new year ….