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Monday, 6 April 2009

Lived the day in excess!! Literally

Ahem , I am sure for all those who thought this guy is now lazy to write his blogs , its a
turnaround .
Hmm allright so how come this time i took time out to write a blog , well its like this , everyday of my life which is different from my usual idiotic mundane monotonous life is penned down . So that diffferent day did come and thus it deserves to be penned down .Anyways life in general is just great tottering about , work place is challenging ( or psst..... is that my boss taking more work outa me ?) .Well I have offlate started enjoying thiings diffferently ,yeah it is sometimes kiddish but who cares at the end of the day If i am happy with that .Home front is just the usual ,the cooking the cleaning eating and sleeping . I know I am being sarcastic here but thats how it is . And the only thing which has changed is that I have been finally enjoying my last two weekends which are otherwise just spent at home . I must say say a big thanks to the Times of India news paper for having a fortnight long hyderabad festival where they had shows , concerts and theatrics to view . The last saturday , me and my mom went for a qawwali concert at chowmohalla palace,it was a good one , pity i couldnt stay for the concert as i had an exam . But this week , Me and Mom went to Shankar Mahedevans concert at Necklace road and it was really good ,but still there was this empty space in me , i knew what it was (Missing Mumbai for all this ),but This time i was scolding myself to shut up and enjoy hyderabad as well . Allright even still the empty space wouldnt go , and this time i knew it and I just asked a question to myself . Shyam its a concert and something that should be enjoyed with your friends , wat are you doing here ??? . I knew I did not have an answer to that question ,but then the next day was Hariharans concert at Hitech city . I was like hmmm.......maybe i can go for that with my Mumbai friends who are in town .Now i knew this was of course at the cost of not letting my mom and dad go for the concert !!, but dad never really bothers and mom yes she likes it ,there was this dilemma .Eventually after a few phone calls to my friends and the next day evenings programme planned , I broke the news to my mom about the Sunday plan . Boy was I just waiting for her to say yes .

Sunday!! I was really really looking forward to it , now then usually I refrain from going out to Hitech city because 5 days a week I go there for work and again!!!. Nopes that was not gonna stop me this time , I tanked up Herby(my maruti 800) and off we went ,first stop meetimg Moize , he is my classmate from mumbai doing his hotel mgmt in Hyderabad and works in one of the biggie hotels , and then came Vinay my other classmate who is not in the same league as my 10th batch friends cos he came in in the eleventh ,A nice guy but very silent and quiet and of course the last was Priyanka , she is that solitude gal who you always here in the poems (hehe ) i know i know , one more classmate of mine from the 10th and there we are all 4 of us from Podar school in mumbai and you should see the joy in our faces , You know the scene in movies where a light glows in the back when a boy sees a gal or an idea strikes , well if the sun wasnt there you could have sure seen that on our faces .Right we stopped for a snack at Subway because MOize was pretty hungry , while we three settled for an ice tea .
Ok now this is something which I really like about our Friendship , for Moize and Vinay , coming for a Hariharan concert would be something ,which would not be of their liking . I know that because Hariharans songs are generally very slowish and Ghazalish ,but still the fact that they came was that we should meet . So here we were at the concert , it was getting really irritating because there was this lets vote video constantly looped and began with I swear . Moize was like .. whats this I swear I swear show chalu kar (begin the show)as the show progressed with Hariharan making us enjoy the evening and he sure belted out out some memorable numbers ,to name a few ,Roja, yaadein,Minsara Kanavu and Guru ,plus his Krishan nee Begane and The grand Finale with Thamizha Thamizha (Bharat Hum ko jan se pyara).
Next stop was Moize's hotel , well he showed us around and took us to the Club called Excess(now thas where the blog tagline comes from ),and I specially liked it thanks to the electronic music being played , below was Mahesh Babu( Telegu film actor) party , and Moize went about telling about all the Page3 guys and their Stories ,oh well all gossip and well we meanwhile were also gossiping about the years past and how we made it through and all . The music was beggining to jam our ears ,so off we went for a quieter ambience by the hotels poolside ,which impressed me with the mood lighting concept . Took a few snaps here for memories and finally decided to head home at 1 am Monday , the other three wanted to stay back but I was getting late as this was my first late night outing and I certainly did not want to face the other side of my Parents . I reached home at 2 and crashed silently to bed .Next day morning is going to be the usual . Allright till the next blog take care , see you all and Have fun