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Saturday, 26 September 2009

A blog after a very long time with an Dose of Rashees!

Ahh well, i cant count the days its been since i wrote a new post in my blog , still who cares anyways.
Allright to start with the weeks been great ,and work place has been just the usual ,was asked to work on Saturday ,I was so jobless that i ve been counting my saturdays at work its been 8 at a stretch . Well this saturday was a festive saturday as well , thanks to the ongoing navratri season ,when the ladies are genrally invited to the house . So i thought maybe its a good deal afterall to sit at office .Hit the office at 11 to figure out my sytems down and returned home at 3 .

I was as usual siting on the new found facebook addiction of mine , was wondering about watching this movie ,Whats Your Rashee .I ve donwloaded the songs before but to be honest barring 3 songs initially dint quite find any numbers catchy . So pestered my mom to come along and Mom and me generally dont say no for the movies, I booked the tickets with some great expectations .I was like hmm watching this movie will give me a good idea of hows girls are of each horsocope, not that I dont know it , just see hows it potrayed in the movies , something which ended up to be .....ahem comments further down .
But then came the ryder the show was for 9 20 and moms was like son , if people turn up early then i come , or else go with your friends .

I was like ya right , 2 tickets and One ticket free , whos gonna come , I did try though , but to no avail , and besides I am not that close to anyone here apart from my office colleagues here in hyderabad .Well eventually mom did come and we did go for the movie , I guess my blog ends here and the movie review begins

Allright Whats your rashee is the movie and trust me in one liner , if you are jobless and have a 100 bucks to spare and wanna kill time go for it . To be honest seing 12 priyanka in all the rashees left me speechless with me pestering my mom which rashee this this and I couldnt even say tht You know mom i like the priyanka in this rashee that rashee . Boy was it head spinning .

The hero though has done a goood jobby for his second film ,psst i ve just been told that its his second film I must say that the story line is good and if you had 12 differnt girls in this movie with one being priyanka it would have been a hit . The problem here was that normally I would tend to compare a girl with an other in terms of characters etc .. ie I can say you know that this girls is like this and she is like this , but here the problem is all the 12 are the same , and my brain really couldnt comprehend this fact.

Added to the woes are the never ending songs , one for each girl .Bah I looked at the lounger seats in the back of the theatre and was like happy , phew thank god i dint pay 200 for this movie , I would have certainly dozed off .

Very dragging movie and sometimes gets really monotonous, the first half is good though , but i guess you know the story by then for the second half and boy is the second half really really boring, By now I had lost count of the rashees and i forgot my own rashee by then and was liek arey yaar how many more to go ?????.

And besides the depiction of the girl of each rashee was pathetic ,I had this thing in my head about my friends cos I knew their sunsigns and was like hmm lets see how its depicted here , awwwww there was no comparision at all ,Utter nonsense was the depcitions of the rashees , espicially taurus , pisces and Saggitarius . I am a Saggitarian myself and had great expecttaions of the Girl of my sun sign , watching the movie , I was like huh are they like that !.

So in effect as i said above, go watch it if your utterly jobless ....

Right do I have anything more to write on this rainy morning ,,nothing much .
See you soon in my next blog whenever that is ........