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Monday, 13 September 2010

CBD to Strike , Sydney to Snow and the rest TBT( to be thought)

Screeechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and beep beep , welcome back guys , so hows your day life been hope its all cruising along well if its not go read the blog before this to get it to cruising mode.

23:49 on the clock as i begin compiling this blog listening to a selection of songs ranging from celine dion to evanescence and the UK top 40 . Well so yes as mentioned in my earlier blog this blog is gonna be super fun and lot more expressive ! So by now everyone agrees there are good times ahead of shitty times . For starters i have a new house to stay in , and the advantages of being lonely is pretty good .

Well so what have I been up to , well its now the days of the I me myself in full swing , the wacky funny immature goofy me ! Loving my work as i always do , gets stressful and strenuous but hey never will its not something to complain . The human brain too is sometimes funny , when i struggled it said give work and now when there is work it says woaa i am tired , Well in my previous blog there are a lot of things i missed . I finally am into a lot of stuff keeping myself busy going to the gym ,visiting places and stuff . Sydney was fun , reminded me a lot of Mumbai and yes i will make a trip back to sydney again . And I have a whole list of people to eat heads , most of them at office , all of em are pretty good people and nice too !

And then weekdays are usually on facebook , the gym and some music all the time , weekends are a variety of things from washing clothes to veggies to window shopping and what not . One of the weekends i did make a beee line to the snow and boy was super fun . By now things are smooth sailing at all ends and i am sure making the best of it while it lasts , the frequent walks and meeting of office colleagues for get together is amazing . Its always me at my best when i have a set of people to talk to and hang around .

And so work place chugs along knocking the days and miles of expertise and gaining new stuff and before i even realize it already coming to the end of the year . I am missing home at times especially my dog Bruce , i speak to him on the phone every day and boy and i just cant help myself saying buddy , am coming back . hmmmm am getting bored actually to put down stuff , oh yes just remembered how can i forget about food . Food is the most essential thing here in australia and i make the best of it by going for long days without making an effort to cook , I survive on salads subway and the occasional chips fries and coffees ,i seem to have more energy here to get along for hours until i ask myself for the next food.

By the time i write this sentence its been three days since i began this blog , suddenly been doing a lot of activities like downloading old pop albums watching tamil movies every night . Last night was a amazing learning , was running between the kitchen and laptop to make rasam and to read Wat's written , i took the hot pan of the stove and out it in the floor . Little did i realizes that the floor has a carpet and when i tried lifting , ouch i hear the crackle and heave and then disaster , I have this big burnt spot the size of a chapathi in the middle of the room . Lord heavens ! wat did i do . I was pondering the whole night , do i get it fixed myself before the agent knows or the house owner knows . I have in my past been quite nice in fibbing around and managing things . But there was point of time when i gradually grew out of it and now i don see any joy in lying , that does mean i dont do it , i still hide certain info hehe . Lol which .....................I guess all of us do , so i leave it here .

The news for the carpet repair wasn't any better 145 for making a patch and 600 for changing the carpet . I was in this utter state if kicking myself , i would have probably asked someone to do it to me . And in the middle of all these things , i leave office yesterday er i think its better i put the date , 23rd September and I was still trying to fix my carpet , I went to the local super market to buy a carpet cleaning liquid and a scrubber , just to try if it works . I did get and when i go to the cashier , i notice that my debit card is at home , I had taken it out the other day for some shopping and dint put it back in the purse . Sheeesh never been so embarrassed , with a dumb ass face I make the steady trot back home only to find my house keys missing . I was cursing myself , grr i left it at office , so which means I cant get my carpet cleaning liquid now as the debit card is inside my house . And thus begins Mr bean ( i.e myself ) ride back to office and i was going up the lift when i hear this familiar jingling sound in my shirt pocket . Turns out i did have the house keys with me . By now all i could see in front of me was this tom and jerry cartoon when jerry gets the better of tom and they make tom's face looks like jackass . i was no better than that!

Coming back home and after a good nights sleep began next day usual office and walk back home when the great mind set to work about the carpet again ,and then i notice this little note pasted in one cranny of my bldg that my buildings will go through some changes including painting and as i was just uninterestedly reading it , i had no job to do , i noticed this sentence new carpets to be installed . That made me really jump in joy , why cos the carpet used in the corridor is the same as whats in my house . Ahem ahem ! so i might get away with little damage after all . Smart thinking i say .....

This weeks will one day short as i have taken a leave for the friday and hope fully do some cleaning of the house and a visit to the temple . It been a long time . Also I did catch up with a lot of my friends back home on chats and boy it was a laugh riot at that .

Well .....I am yawning away to glory by by now and time to zzzzzz . Off I go to sleep and by no means is this the zzz to the blog . That will also be updated soon as i go along the good days .

Seeya all

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

From Chennai with love to Hell Down Under ......self made self inflicted masalas and added preservatives

Vanakam, Kushalamena, All is wellz and here I come back after 5months .So how have you all been , anyone there who has been missing this idiot ?? ahhh well who cares ..... . Ok so now where do i start from ?? I myself i dont know , cos I got my inspiration from one of my friends who was forced to read my blog yesterday and thus i thought lets update flamingreds soon .
Ok so you guys do know that i joined a new organisation , its rhymes with solaris and begins with a P .I will not go beyond this as  . Well I was flown straight into melbourne on the 20th of April from Chennai through Hongkong . And I had enough time in hong kong to get out and see some thing .
And thus begins the story of Mr Shyam Shankar Sivasubramaniam . Eh who is this you may ask , none other than my self .I have never in my life expanded the S in my name .Landed in a unknown continent and with no one to help , my nearest seen family member is now 5000 miles away in India . and checked into a room . I called someone called my manager to tell him that i am in Melbourne and reached safely . He picked up my phone and said , I will call you back ......
I am still counting my days from the April20th 2010 , he has still not called back . Even the almighty replied to my prayers soooner than this person .A new journey began just like life back in the UK , working on a project for a super regional bank . The first three months was a severe struggle , a struggle for survival , a struggle for my identity . Its far to long to describe what i went through . There cant be anything more pain than knowing yourself that your not performing at your best . I pushed my self step by step , more into the inknown only to find myself in more deeper troubles . Things with my roommate aka my friends from back home wasnt at a great level of understanding . I think there are some things which should be kept the way they are and not bought too close or too far . At the end a painful choice had to be made , struggle in the unknown to be a warrior or be the master of the known . I chose to be the master of the known . There is always a win some and lose some . I needed my space my peace of mind to perform . Such was my state that my parents had to remind me of my aggressiveness back home .I sought after solace in stuff i never did like going for concerts ,plays ,weekly trips to the temples and just introspecting .
Life in melbourne was not easy , it never was . I have to say a million thanks to my mom for supporting me and giving me inspiration to fight and surpass all odds . These were times of sheer agony ,frustration and many a day I would sit in my room and cry ,( to anyone who thinks boys shudnt cry, am sorry your just inhuman and egoistic.). It took a giant leap of faith to overcome my fears and break the chains which i had tied myself in . It wasnt a easy one , life was tough where i would get hurt , bruised and yet i would get these words of my mom ringing in my head. ,son' push you need to fight' .
And in all this they were this little moments of should happiness , a trip on a steam train and weekend visits to my relatives place was my only distraction .And my frustration with my organisation were rising by the day .
A new sea of change had to come , come july and I was put in a new team , I said good riddance to all worries and yep a fresh outlook into myself . My first task was to bring my performance which was in the negatives to zero . It took a good 3 weeks to undo my negatives and finally i could say YES ! I am at zero . I took some time to see how far my peers are . Or should I say one in particular . Considering my peers joined with me in April and I have reached zero in july , they were miles ahead in terms of performance , confidence and motivation . Between me and them stood 3 full months of effort . I said to myself , I have taken 2 steps back to get peace, 6months down I need to be 2 steps ahead of the guys who are now currently 3 months ahead of me . Now you work out the maths , i was never good at it .
By mid july , flamingreds aka me was chugging along the Australian journey of life with a firm and positive resolve to achieve and perform . Things from here are no more a pain in my bloody back . I was back in business and I thanked all who have given me the strength . By now i had got my work permit and got my first Australian dollar salary . Life now was much more smoother and I could now began expanding my interests a little bit , Did some trips to the nearby hills and slowly was pampering myself .
Am actually bored of writing this anymore cos I have now decided that all my pessimistic thoughts should end over here .
But hey I am leaving this blog at a point where my journey and my targets were to be achieved with many milestones to achieve .
I do apologise for making his blog boring and filled with negative thoughts , but hang on folks ....
The continuation of this is going to be one heck of a ride , super fun , super freaky and a lot more positive blog filed with all my passion , .
But if you have been patient enough to come til this way , life will always throw stuff at you . Migt be shitty . Some times the very own person whom you consider your shoulder to lean on will be your worst nightmare . All this should be only taken on a positive note .
The entire struggle made me a strong person , today i say problem mmmm ... I look upto the sky and say ‘so you started something again ‘?? Sure thing just bring it on and lets see what you can throw at me . This attitude took some time to get into me , but this will never ever go away .
Its all about how you look at things ,the satisfaction what you get when you get up and fight and win is something i cannot describe . That feeling you have to be and endure .
Next time you face and you think your a loser , oh no your not ,, you are ur best , go face the world !!
Till the next one , seeya all