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Saturday, 7 November 2009

My tryst with the Garden City

Hello Again

Its a lazy Sunday morning , and with a coffee for company , thought its best that I start blogging soon before the next round of laziness sets in .

Right so Thursday evening off I depart from Office to Catch the Bus to Bangalore . I reached the bus station with loads of time to spare. I thought I should have a quick snacker before I get into the travel . Had a Corn Something Snack at Subway .Well I was too engrossed to watch the match in which Sachin was on a roll , but every time the ads come these tb screens would go blank . So I decided to do a last minute checkup to see what i have and wats lef behind . I did know that i left my camera behind , but then realised I dont have a soap ! did put the soap in the dabba at home and all , still missed it . So went tot he shops nearby and asked for soaps and he utters chandrika medimex and lux . Hmmm

I thought for a moment ,I have never used the other 2 brands , while Lux yep i di once in contingency mode again as there was no soap the previous time as well . So I decided to go for the tried one , which was lux . I know lux is often terme the girls soap and all , but does it really matter ??? .

And the bus too was quite a new one , swanky new garuda volvo. The local government always had the dubious disinction of screweing new buses in maintainence or make even the new buses look trash . But this bus was in pretty good condition .Nice blue and white livery ,including the interiors as well . I settled down in my seat and noticed the bus wasnt full . i began thinking how y co passenger would be , but as he departure time camy by tehre was no one to sit an there I had teh whole 2 seats for myself .i quickly made my self extra comfortable hehe .

And with music in my ears , decided to keep looking at the road , i always like road journeys for one reason is that one i like long road journeys and also wanted to know if my dad was just exagerating the fact that the banaglore road is bad and hence you cant drive down in the car.

Well The road was smashin good . 4 lane and all and i was awake till like 1 am still gazing ,.. I was to come to a conclusion that dad yor just dint want to drive down in the car .

I said crap the roads gonna be good and settled to sleep , 30 mins later , i wa being trahed around left right and suden braking and throwing , i still did no open my eyes and kept saing shyam bad roads in dreams . But the rocky ride inspite of being a volvo was too much to tolerate and one look at the roads outside ....I take back all my words and agree with dad . There isnt any road and the recent floods and road widening and all has made the roads so horrible that it shows on a volvo !I decided to snug myself to sleep but yes my back was taking a beating .The next day I woke up at 6 to see that i am back ona 4 lane highway and it said New Airpor Devahanalli , I do remember dad using these words before in conversations and I was startled, bangalore already !!!

As per the bus timings , it wasnt supposed to reach bangalore before 8 am . And thats still 2 hrs away . I frantically called up my aunt ad sure enough this bus was in the bangalore outskirts .

And yes as feared this bus dumped me at the last point a good hr and 15 mins early.Well before uncle picked me up .I had enough time to grab a cuppa coffee at the kamat hotel ,and thenn came the scooter ride to aunts place .

The morning was just like any other house ,unpacking and setlling down . By afternoon i was treated to a good meal and I was charting out plans . I did not have any major plans as such just meet a few friends. This was more of a family visit for me .

Evening me and my cousin went out for dinner , we were spent some time yapping around .

Saturday was slow and cosy as it was raining , but the lunch was quite was a quite a spread on mexican food / mmm quite a feast it was .

The evening was spent well with me meeting my good old pal Aditya , was it good to be with after a long time , we had our conversation with cofee again and when it was time to return home he gave me the much awaited ferrari cap which finally came to me after a 18 month hiatus .

Sunday flew and before i could even wink my eye it was over and i was back on the bus to hyderabad .

And guys i apologise but this blog was kept umpteen times in the draft mode ,so although it began on a sunday 2 weeks back it is now ending on a saturday 2 weeks ahead . So there is a considerable time lag .

There has been lots happening in the following weeks , will update soon on them too
till then tc