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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rotating gear sticks and handling jalebis !

Long weekend for myself and here i am back to home sweet home for a three day holiday well spent at home.
Came in here on a Saturday morning by the overnighter bus, well something I cant talk much about , having got myself the last centre seat , squashed by 2 passengers on either side , the bus journey was ridicously uncomfortable . Perhaps the only consolation was that I was going home.

Does feel great to come back home , there a lot of things which make you feel happy , for starters my dog bruce with his nudges and stares. then is the food menu which i get to decide these days . And of course the feeling of being in known territory and location.

The run up to the weeks been particularly crazy , for starters the work load is so less in the office that I come to my workstation and am hiting the refresh button my mail box and just going through the odd things. Driving down the car to office was as regular as it can get until the other day , when the most shocking thing happened . It was peak hour traffic and I was inching my way to office , lost count of how many gear changes nut i was doing the ABC of driiving every minute , finally after an exhaustive 30 minutes the traffic was good enough to shift into the third gear when i noticed the gear stick touching my leg. That was one thing which has never happened , i put the car in neutral and figured that the stick was moving quite a but from its usual swing, I reached office and as i was parking i realise that my reverse doesnt engage !.

2 minutes later I decided to find my gears and went 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 and R , nope ! nothing one more try and then the whole gear stick comes in my hand and I really seemed like the guy making jalebis out of my gear stick.Well which essentially renders my car not movable considering that it doesnt have any mechanism to power the car.

3 hours later and the car was fixed by the maruti road side assistance. nice guys must say ,. And speaking of jalebis .. the friday was yet another smashing day , me and my friend were out on a mission to have pani puri and while we were driving back the clouds above looked menacing .

Bangalore rains are really funny , you could walk 200 metres and you would find yur self drenched in the first 100 metres and then sunny for the remaining 100 metres , dont ask me how ? but i fell its gods way of dumping a bucket of water on yur head . hehe

And thus this was another day of the bucket thorwing from the top , err actually a water leak i say not a bucket . It was pouring and it was quite a struggle driving in my old herby , the mirrors get fogged up and i have to constantly cleanup with a cloth in my hand . The cloth i used had some oily thing in it , i guess from my last wipe of eating something oily and soon my windscreen was all but hazy figurines and katrina's dance moves style oily foggy trails . Still i pushed onto my chat guy and asked for the pani puri , by now the rain was pretty hard and the chat guy gave both of us a stare as if to say , Pani puri in this weather ??

Well we really dint care , as long we pay for the pani puri , its his job to give us the service , and then we notice the hot hot jalebi counter being warmed up for the evening. Ahem temptations cant be stopped , hot jalebis on a cold wet day , perfect combination.

Soon the guy was rolling away his jelebis when we got restless and decided to try my hand at it , i was not better , i seemed to make vegetarian worms out of the batter while my other friend seemed good at it .

And then it was time to go home ....reaching there i find myself to a long lost friend of our who had lifted me during my first birthday and seeing me now . Hmmph some relative i thought and went up to pack my stuff for the evening journey to hyderabad,

Dinner at 9 and my fone rings , it was from the bus operator on which i was to go to hyderabad, he boomed over the phone in telegu , saar ekaada unaaru . I was like home ...>! Isnt the bus at 9 45 ???

I heard the driver mumble behind saying ask that idiot to sit at home ....cant get more embarrassing , soon there was an option where i could catch the bus at another location at 10 30.

Now it was a weird situation when you know the fact that you have missed the bus and you still continue to have dinner knowing that you have to catch the buss from another place.

Thank heavens ,i said and i run to catch the city bus , and sitting in my bus , i realise that i left my head fones behind . Cursed myself , i thought whhy is this journey so jinxed ..

Well little adventure self created ,, sure is fun !

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Forgotten times and Revival of Relationships

Saturday morning in Bangalore city, here I am with some sense of mind to write down a blog. I proudly updated my Fb status to say that I am going to write.Hope the blog finds you all in good spriits and smiles . From my last blog 3 months back , things have dramatically changed so much that I did not find time to pen down and now with the duration being long , its pretty easy to lose track of few things.

Allright we begin by whizzing back into a time machine to myself post july . Having landed in Bangalore , I was indeed on a mission , to perform and and perform and nothing else. Of course to do this I had to put myself into my shell as i call it . Err the shell is a sort of a self change in me where i go into a framework where I shut down myself to everything around me be friends , family etc.Having moved to a new project here ,I channeled every bit of my energy to my work and am glad it did pay off. Of course its been at a cost of missing out on few meeting with friends , some strained relationships and conversations , am sure those who know me will understand and we will be back on track.

With loads of weekend work , the daily drive in Herby (my car) from home to office and back was the only pastime i really loved. Plus with work taking out my energy and an ever changing face book , was the perfect excuse to come home dinner and crash and then head to office.The months of August just whizzed by with the usual trips to home and chennai to spend time with grandad. The months of September and October is where things began to really get interesting. September was a trip to Mumbai and October to Delhi and all of it was on mission to meet friends and nothing else.

This time around , it was a well known fact that I loved Melbourne and i would whatever it takes to go back , but not without meeting my friends. And i had this goal to meet all my friends before i head back. Trip to mumbai was perhaps the most nostalgic , once again i cannot express my love for the city , there is something about it , and thanks to my new found photography skills , i captured some good memories videos of the Ganpati visarjan and stuff and as i did , tears rolled down my eyes . I probably looked like a grown up child weeping along as i walk the familiar streets of mumbai sad to leave it behind .

Perhaps the most happiest moments were meeting my classmates and then meeting my old Chinmaya mission friends . Oh well , I some times wonder why do we ever grow up and start working to be pushed around to diff corners of the world. Nevertheless that was some welcome break from my work and then was the month of October . But these 2 months september and october are the times when I was coming out of my shell and
getting back to some good old friends and stuff. My erstwhile melbourne gang was slowly beggining to meet up more so often , or should i say i started meeting them more often . We do have some few additions here in Bangalore with the local kannada speakin lingo colleagues , but thas ok .

Frequent meetup i guess just makes you inclined to let go of whats happened and look to the future , after all in this constantly changing world , what do you gain by not speaking to people ?

October is the month of sorts , the month i can describe as Work hard , Travel harder ,work was just at its usual pace going on and I had taken this break to attend one of my friends wedding in Dehradoon , yep you read it right . For most it was something crazy , but I dont be too nice to go all the way just to attend weddings , cos I was there to attend the wedding and meet my old friends as well , we had stayed in dehradoon when i was in my 1st grade. Those were the time when Dehradoon could be described as the ideal town as described by the ruskin bond books , slow,peaceful and serene were to words to be associated with . I was in for a shock of my life , having been made the capital of some new state called Uttranchal , the city was teeming with pollution and crowd and was more claustrophobic than ever before.

But all the worries were the thing of the past when i met our old landlords , they were like Potha aaaya ( grandsons come ) and the feeling of hospitality and the fresh alu parathas with butter and mint chutney in the morning ahem ! Nothings gonna beat that .

Playing with kids was the order of the trip and post the wedding it was time to leave for Delhi for another pit stop to meet another set of friends .Well due to the the week being the run up to formula one , my nose was so excited that it began runing and runing and runing non stop ,hehehe ! Wat an excuse for ill health ...

And to make matters worse , I booked a ac train to delhi and the Night train found me soakin my towel in complete water blowin blowin ,,, and soon i was overheating in 100 degree temperature. By the time the train chugged into the New Delhi station , i was pretty weak with a temperature and just telling myself that I am meeting my old classmate and pushed myself to reach her place on the delhi metro. One of the few things in India where I am so proud that my taxes have been put to good use..

Well luckily i was meeting my friend who is a doc and so are her parents , so i knew i was in safe hands and swiftly i was given medication .....And by afternoon the medicine did take its effect to make me feel better which I feel was a gross assumption , we ventured out to connaught place and I was loafing around when my health deteriorated and we had to rush back home . Slumber slumber and by evening , me and friend were yapping away to glory catching up on lost time and soon our old day instincts kicked in ,, we went out to the nearest sweet shop grabbed a brownie with ie cream and allu tikki ,sneaked it back to the house and watched wake up sid.

Call it coincidence or telepathy , watching a scene we looked at each other and were like can we have the tikki !  And soon with gross disrespect to my sickness we began eating allu tikki and brownie ...Well its a matter of choice as I wont get to do this again soon . The feeling of meeting a good old friend can not be quantified in any manner , its has its own charm .

A day later I was on my flight back to Bangalore for a 8hr work and then again on the bus to Hyderabad for Diwali....

A true journey indeed , though hectic , took me back into old times and memories worth living and of course penning down.

Well that sums up this blog , with a honest intent to get the next one pretty soon ....

Till then