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Friday, 22 July 2011

The true colours of life ......

Yet another Saturday morning and after my morning cuppa filter coffee , comes the much needed enthusiasm to write my blog. It is also more so as one of my ardent readers complained that I need to write one blog as its been a long time.

So where do i start from ...... so many things to type down. Okay for starters I am back in India after a good year and three months from Melbourne. One of the trips where I can with all due respect can tell myself that I heralded myself from a pampered brat to a little responsible fellow.

The last few weeks in Melbourne were just packed with work , but that did not stop me from not being my adventurous self.I continued my passion for driving and photography till the last moment for boarding the flight.Most significant was my truly maverick 1160 kms drive from Geelong to Sydney all by myself to meet my dads old pal. One of the best drives I have ever taken for a long time all by myself .I used to do a lot of solo drives in Hyderabad and i guess i was just preparing myself for the same .

Well Melbourne is now past but memories and colors will remain etched for some time .Perhaps the most intriguing aspect during my last few days of stay in Melbourne was how colours change. Well I am not talking about colors of weather or nature , they are such wonderful things in which you cannot find mistakes.

The colours I am talking about is the change in people , the way people change in one swift move and yet again it is me to blame. For some reason in Melbourne , i decided to override my own golden rule of taking time to know people.And now i face myself with this situation where i say to myself , shyam you became the tissue paper yet again. The very people with whom I was in Mel soon proved they were born in the world of this ruthless world of competition and the fact that all is fair in it.

Of course its a ruthless world , but when you play the tricks with the person whom you lived day in day out and you stomp him and go up , sure someone has to be hurt . It was indeed weird to be in that spot , just goes to say , i still have to learn to stop letting people figure me. I could even fathom these things , but one thing stands out a lot , where in some of my so called close friends in Melbourne return to Bangalore and then after that , it seems like they have just had a partial amnesia. Ouch ! Not a single form of communication for all the proximity we had in Melbourne. Of course India is different , but that doesn't mean that other forms of communication is not there.

But one thing i am truly happy about is a handful few who have just been the same no matter what the location is , and perhaps they are here to stay .But again there is this constant rebellion in the brain against itself to say .. don't do the mistake again. History may not repeat itself , but i don't forget my past either .

And that quite sums up my blog title -- the true colours of life ....

Until my next one ... hopefully pretty soon

peace to all