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Monday, 1 December 2008

Mumbai!! The One Place I call Home

Mumbai , The One Place I would never forget .

Whats in a place one may ask . But thats the city which transformed me from a Teenager to a responsible Citizen. I may not be so staunch enough to be calling myself Mee Mumbaikar , but yes I love the city for many a reason .
In my 21 Years , I am known to have shed a few tears in my life during the times of sorrow, but never have I shed a tear for a city which was being to ransom on the 26th of November .
As the news poured out about Mumbai being attacked, I initially did not take it so seriously ,thats until i saw the footage of the terrorists mercessily shooting at the people and then the Taj on fire . To me Mumbai is just another friend of mine who is being brutally attacked and I could do nothing .

The city where adventure is travel in trains , the joy of the rainy season, the rhythmic beats of the drums in the Ganesh festival and not to mention the love of cricket . Say Bhelpuri and the next instant you are taken to Mumbai .

I cant explain the love for the city , something which I am trying to pen down here in my blogs in vain, its like narrating my personal life which is mine .

The scenes of the people crying and the Taj being attacked and the magnificent structure which for years has been the pride of mumbai ,sploshed across the media for all the wrong things .
As the NDTV news coverage says people are angry !!! But what is the anger ? Is it anger because the people cant do anything on seeing the city being attacked ? Is it because of the loss of faith in Politics and bureaucracy? Is it the anger against the terrorists who killed innocent people .

The answer is a I have mentioned above , for many people like me the Bond between Mumbai and them is something personal ,something which cannot be explained .

I am not sure if people are angry at the terrorists , but they are definitely with the politics being played on it . There is now a sense of Realisation against the politiciains , There is now a need for a change in the Existing Govermental System ,Shame on the the politicians who give out horrendous statements like "These things keep happening in every city "and a Chief Minister showcasing the aftermath to film directors. And the Opposition making a mockery of themselves by showing the Government is not doing enough and trying to get a vote bank .

Instead of working collectively and trying to find an answer , they care more about campaigning.
Perhaps the need for the nation's youth and the educated to enter Politics has never been so great . This is the time to arise , a new beginning for Politics in India . A drastic change in the existing system . A fitting way of paying Tribute to Many a Men who laid down their lives trying to save my city and people .

Jai Hind.