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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rotating gear sticks and handling jalebis !

Long weekend for myself and here i am back to home sweet home for a three day holiday well spent at home.
Came in here on a Saturday morning by the overnighter bus, well something I cant talk much about , having got myself the last centre seat , squashed by 2 passengers on either side , the bus journey was ridicously uncomfortable . Perhaps the only consolation was that I was going home.

Does feel great to come back home , there a lot of things which make you feel happy , for starters my dog bruce with his nudges and stares. then is the food menu which i get to decide these days . And of course the feeling of being in known territory and location.

The run up to the weeks been particularly crazy , for starters the work load is so less in the office that I come to my workstation and am hiting the refresh button my mail box and just going through the odd things. Driving down the car to office was as regular as it can get until the other day , when the most shocking thing happened . It was peak hour traffic and I was inching my way to office , lost count of how many gear changes nut i was doing the ABC of driiving every minute , finally after an exhaustive 30 minutes the traffic was good enough to shift into the third gear when i noticed the gear stick touching my leg. That was one thing which has never happened , i put the car in neutral and figured that the stick was moving quite a but from its usual swing, I reached office and as i was parking i realise that my reverse doesnt engage !.

2 minutes later I decided to find my gears and went 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 and R , nope ! nothing one more try and then the whole gear stick comes in my hand and I really seemed like the guy making jalebis out of my gear stick.Well which essentially renders my car not movable considering that it doesnt have any mechanism to power the car.

3 hours later and the car was fixed by the maruti road side assistance. nice guys must say ,. And speaking of jalebis .. the friday was yet another smashing day , me and my friend were out on a mission to have pani puri and while we were driving back the clouds above looked menacing .

Bangalore rains are really funny , you could walk 200 metres and you would find yur self drenched in the first 100 metres and then sunny for the remaining 100 metres , dont ask me how ? but i fell its gods way of dumping a bucket of water on yur head . hehe

And thus this was another day of the bucket thorwing from the top , err actually a water leak i say not a bucket . It was pouring and it was quite a struggle driving in my old herby , the mirrors get fogged up and i have to constantly cleanup with a cloth in my hand . The cloth i used had some oily thing in it , i guess from my last wipe of eating something oily and soon my windscreen was all but hazy figurines and katrina's dance moves style oily foggy trails . Still i pushed onto my chat guy and asked for the pani puri , by now the rain was pretty hard and the chat guy gave both of us a stare as if to say , Pani puri in this weather ??

Well we really dint care , as long we pay for the pani puri , its his job to give us the service , and then we notice the hot hot jalebi counter being warmed up for the evening. Ahem temptations cant be stopped , hot jalebis on a cold wet day , perfect combination.

Soon the guy was rolling away his jelebis when we got restless and decided to try my hand at it , i was not better , i seemed to make vegetarian worms out of the batter while my other friend seemed good at it .

And then it was time to go home ....reaching there i find myself to a long lost friend of our who had lifted me during my first birthday and seeing me now . Hmmph some relative i thought and went up to pack my stuff for the evening journey to hyderabad,

Dinner at 9 and my fone rings , it was from the bus operator on which i was to go to hyderabad, he boomed over the phone in telegu , saar ekaada unaaru . I was like home ...>! Isnt the bus at 9 45 ???

I heard the driver mumble behind saying ask that idiot to sit at home ....cant get more embarrassing , soon there was an option where i could catch the bus at another location at 10 30.

Now it was a weird situation when you know the fact that you have missed the bus and you still continue to have dinner knowing that you have to catch the buss from another place.

Thank heavens ,i said and i run to catch the city bus , and sitting in my bus , i realise that i left my head fones behind . Cursed myself , i thought whhy is this journey so jinxed ..

Well little adventure self created ,, sure is fun !

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