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Thursday, 1 October 2009

A fancy winger , forgottten twister and a Quick Scamper ,for a good nite !!

This blog is certainly earlier than I expected to write .
The last 2 days have been no short of Excitement .where do I start from ??? . Allright . I will begin with my friends first in the Office , We usually travel back in a winger a big van with like 10 People more like a Gang . And that comprises of Myself,Aarti,Anusha,Swarna Kumar,Avinash,Andrea,Prashanti,Gulzar and Namrata.We try to be professionals at work but when we hit the Winger,boy do we let loose out our tails . One heck of a crowd, talk about foodood and you will probably not need the Times of India Food Guide. We would have just about anyhing from the Routine Orange Sticks ,to the maharaja Chat , sometimes the KFC etc .

The last two days have been marred by torrential rains here and thanks to it we were given manual drops (ie no specifc vehicles, so we had to fight it out for a vehicle ).Though we are a big bunch of screamers ,we seldom use our voices to shout at the right time and thus the effect of it ... standing for 1hr 45 minutes waiting for a cabby , we did get the occasional cabs where some of us could actualy split up and go . But here no one wanted to split eventually we all stood together whining for a cab .Time was to be killed with the Buying for Fried Corns ,a Quick Tea but at the end the bell did ring in all of us that we need to go home .

We booked a private taxi to cram in 7 of us , and quickly grabbed a snack in the cafeteria .All well and ready to go home , when the last row in the Taxi seem to have had an extra dose of energy , it all began with Gulzar,Anusha and Nams three happy go lucky gals and at the back.Played a few numbers from their cell phones .And there the fire was lit ,all of us started singing . We liked one song though which goes like "I gotta feling that tonights gonna be a good night"

And the last row went berserk , dancing and singing ,we soon found out that it was the Red Bull gives You wings effect . Time flew in the cab and we reached home

wzzzzzzzzzz we forward to the evening of the next day , you may ask whats in between the nights. Sleep and Office ...thats about it . Okay the next day again with the same gang minus a few ,it was pouring heavily when we came out for our cabs. The winger what we got was a fancy one ,as in with deluxe seats . I was elated for a while until the trasnport guy and shooed us to the reception to pick up more people . I was adamant and let only one in inspite of our vehicle having three empty seats . Off we go until we decided to have Some snack at KFC and we drove instraight to thje drive in to place our orders , I was getting impatient as we were getting delayed and although we have stopped the wingers for many a time , this stoppage seemed longer . I was losing patience when we got the snacks delivered . Then we pushed off when we realsied that one sanck iten called the twister was missing, I said hang on and ran bk to the store and asked him for the twister . It was quite a scamper to run and come back because the winger has to go ahead and take a U turn to hit the main road while i could cut across and sure enough I was there just in time for the winger to join me again. The stoppage was definitley worth it as we had our snacks and numerous thank you's . And whats more we relaised that all the othr cabs were still stuck behind us in traffic jams all over the city, I couldnt help grinning to myself.

Well thats the end of this one , Monday is going to be a day of me walking 2 kilometres to Catch the Office Bus . Wonder wats in store .

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