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Friday, 20 January 2012

Chapter 5- illegally out of the colony into the city

By now , my driving was a lot more better and daily rounds in colony have enabled me to perfect my driving . The result was that I could now go in all 4 gears , turn the steering and do all this listening to music on my Mp3 player. Of course no more gate banging.

The itchy hands were now quite bored or driving around the colony to be honest and soon there was a period of time when I preferred to sit back in the passenger seat and enjoy the road, until one fine day my aunt was coming to Mumbai and by an early morning train. She was asking me direction in the taxi to reach our home.

Ummmm.. ummmmmm my brain went whizzing . Chalukya express arrival 7 30 Am at Dadar . Speaking on the phone , with herby in front of me .My brain was now doing its weird thoughts of the road etc and in the momentary thinking , probably I could feel herby too standing there and talking to me , as if to say ‘Hey Shyam , morning no traffic psst psst , listen 4th gear more than 40km. And in the next second I told my aunt , aunty no taxi , I will come and pick u up. She said oh ok.

The following night , sleep wasn’t seen anywhere near me , the feeling of going out against all odds, dad in Hyderabad, mum in Rajkot and it was only me and herby. I used to get up every 2 hours and check my watch , is it 6.30 , is it 6 30 . At last 6.30 arrived and for the first time ever like a warrior getting out into the battle field to face the opponents , I crossed the main gate of our colony to merge onto the main road . 2 minutes later I was on the Eastern Express Highway towards the City , 4 lane , no traffic .

Need for speed music was back in head , this time in full swing , moving along flyovers and passing trucks and taxis and going at 80kmph , I was in full glee with my lips not closing , yeehawww , I am on my way to Dadar . Of course there were a lot of factors influencing my decision to go out. Primarily because the roads are very wide and not narrow , and no signals to stop as we go above in flyovers and morning traffic is less.

Soon I was on my way back picking up my aunt , a little jittery as by now the traffic on the road had increased manifold and I dare not tell my aunt that this is first time I am driving on the main roads. 30 minutes later we were home and Herby was parked back.

Its like the movies , when I gave a little pat with my hand on the bonnet and said thank you. I did it . And moved away, few days later when my dad heard this , instead of reacting , it ended up being positive with me now officially given permission no head out of colony under adult supervision, hehe ! Well actually dad in the passenger seat.

Well which now means that all the short hop journeys to the market and nearby friendsplace , I get to drive and my fathers keep saying to our relatives , ahh I now sit back , Shyam is the driver . I proudly smile and since I am more involved in Herby , I do my fair bit of cleaning Herby and ensuring that the windscreen is devoid of dust .All for another shot at driving. 

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