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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Chapter 3 -Juggling the turning and breaking the lighting.

After my first 4th gear shot with Herby , it was soon time to get it back to base. Of course this again is a different challenge. I have to know to park Herby in its exact location to avoid dads suspicion. Boy was it quite a task , well for starters yes I do know how to drive but still haven’t got the judgemental capabilities of its size , especially when the parking lot is narrow. Well All I had to do was drive it in straight to the end.

I did get away for a couple of day with my antics of driving around and parking it correctly. There was one broken flower pot which was my park mark , hehehhe.
I would leave it when I get out and ensure that I park it right there. Of course it does disappear some times , but yea was lucky enough to get away with dad not noticing the difference in location, ahh well just a few inches here and there.

And then came the day , where desire dragged the dum dum for trouble. Desperately wanting to drive , I took herby out and then when I wanted to come back 2 cars parked .Uh oh … was my reaction , and since I was not confident about the judgement to pass through the 2 cars . I decided to go roundabout the other side and come , which meant that I will be coming in the opposite direction and utterly opposite to the usual way Herby would be parked.

Well having said that , I drove herby through the opposite side and reached the parking , of course not to get it back in normal direction , I had to do some juggling with the steering . I think that day if I had a 100 aircons running I would still be sweating . Forward Backward , forward backward ! forward backward , and then since my judgement was bad looking back. I would stop get out of the car see the space behind , and repeat the same. I probably looked like the biggest clut reversing a car , and then with my patience running out I did the one last turn to put it in the right direction when I heard a screeeeeeeeecchhh and the sound of crunch . Disaster , the last turn in a hurry ended up me driving herby too close to the wall on the left breaking the side indicator and making a nice straight line ripping the white paint on the right side.

Well , horrified at the scratch and the broken pieces of the indicator , I rushed back home to bring a wet cloth and here I go scrubbing scrubbing to make the line not visible . I rummaged through the shoe rack to remove the polish dad uses to polish the dashboard. I said to myself, its car polish , it should work inside and outside and took it and polished that area hoping the line would go, well after some nonsensical attempts , I was satisfied that the line is not so distinct.

In all the hungama , I totally missed the fact that the broken indicator lamp was on the ground. Next morning my dad went near the car and called me over , I went trying to put up a decent smiling face , and he said ‘ So you have been driving around I notice ….. I replied er no appa just starting , stopping and generally. He retorted back , you don’t have to say anything , see those bits of indicator lamp on the floor and smiled , I know you have been driving around , the watchman’s been telling your driving in afternoons and fast on the turns. I put up a straight face and wished he saw his watch and released that he is getting late for office. Thankfully he did and moved to catch his 9.00 AM local train.

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koushik said...

a cute blog. hoping for more funny things to happen. a comical guy with a comical car makes for a laugh riot stuff. :)