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Friday, 4 February 2011

Whining day and getting to know ananya !

Statutory Disclaimer
The characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are not fictitious and any similarity to the name, character and history of any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and unintentional. So you have 3 choices , either close this window or learn to write blogs or develop a sense of humour to appreciate them.

Whrrrrrrrr goes my table fan about a foot away from me as it tries to cool my ever so hot laptop. These days my laptop goes berserk , the so called notebook of mine becomes a hotbook on constantly being on facebook.

The morning was the laziest of all, I got up at 7 30 and made some coffee for myself and then scoured around my ramshackle room to see wats there ... and yea the clothes bag was full. As I just lazily sipped my coffee ,I opened my office laptop , I don’t know why I bought it the day before , I guess some intention of working , does it ever happen ? No way and here I was logging in to my office laptop in nothing but my shorts, ahh the feeling of doing hard work in nothing but Bermudas! I had some work to be done at home so took a half day work from home.
Normally work from home would mean logged in loafing out , well as always I was in working this time around as well listening to my favourite numbers from old Hindi songs.

I hit a problem when running a few things at work and immediately moved onto my communicator to catch hold of a team to help me out, we called them the NV team and by far the most hated team by me .Not that they were a pack of bad humans, but yea they were this highly intelligent set of people who thought mistakes is never in their dictionary and that they are always right. I tend to disagree with that concept because humans do make mistakes and if there is anyone who s probability of making mistakes is less ,its gotta be those lifeless things that make card board boxes or fancy cars called robots.

I was breaking my head to get things sorted out, and sent a mail to some gizmo geek who is known to solve these issues, when my manager's mail came scathing to my mail box fuming away that I had not used the right channel. I was grumbling to glory on reading it and promptly pinged an apology on the office messenger. Soon the issue got sorted out and I was just working away to glory and came across these odd jobs, afternoon time and after a quick shower made my way to the office.

Post lunch was the usual with some training and bouncing towards the fag end of the day, went out for a little stroll and came back. I had forgotten some little piece of work and went back to my desk to wake my computer again. Not the usual me to be so dedicated , heheh I had my reasons , one little peek over my cubicle and I could see my boss still there , so yea golden rule , don’t leave before the boss, was to be maintained. Lol. Evening ish and I make my way towards the exit and when I saw Shriya running the other side, Shriya is my office colleague, but we are more best friends than office colleagues. One of my other friends Anu was leaving the next day and as I walked passed her, I quickly yapped that I am going to anu's place and will meet up soon in 30mins.

They say never give a girl a time cos they aren’t good at it either, but yea blunder was made. I was just coming out of Anu's place to leave home, when Shriya buzzed and asked on my whereabouts and I promptly replied just starting from anu's place. She was like saying bye huh! , I sheepishly said a half baked ya!

Not that I dint want to say the truth , but I could sense that she was pretty miffed at me not coming in my said 30 mins and its gonna be more and ever since Poorthi gave me the tagline, the 'there for all ' guy which I have been vehemently denying that I am not , things weren’t to good .

Soon the miffedness of Shriya was to be felt, when I reached her place a good 90 mins later, much to my disappointment of seeing empty nandos chips and sauce. The only thing left was butter buns. Made my way to grab one but in less than a minute all were in my tummy. Prasad was there as well , and yep I had to be the topic of yet another scathing and slow digging , which I don’t quite mind, until the girl shot her one liner like this smart weapon , so wats all your girl friends saying , mr there for all .

I kept mum and dint say a word, I certainly was not too happy too hear that, but I didn’t want to defend either cos I know my defending will be little messy. I was telling myself , probably yea , next time she says there for all , I should just go up about my routine and not tell where and what I am doing cos then she is no person special that I tell her . Do I say it, no! and it irks me even more when those 2 gang up and pull my leg harder , Perhaps it is more so cos Prasad ends up meeting all the other girls and sometimes more frequently and he doesn’t get pulled or rather I don’t really bother to be so stoopish to pull his leg . All these were just in my head and still I hadn’t uttered a word. 15 mins later when Prasad left home, I was left behind reading the odd books and struggling with a very irritating back pain.

I grabbed the laptop to see any fb messages , none were there and that was when I grabbed the 2 states book , that book interested me for a long time , my mum had it and it was written by chetan bhagat as well .
I started reading a few pages when I was getting to know ananya in detail. Relax guys! Ananya is chetan's gf in the book and as he kept describing his meetings with ananya, so am I also on the same path.

The book was certainly pretty humorous and as I read the pages, I realised that I loved chetan's book for his simplicity in writing wherein you can relate your self from a common man perspective especially if you are in the same age group. When I started my blogs I used to write like those until somewhere I became a jerk and wrote stuff too mundane and not having that masala touch.

My mind went tizzy and happy too as if I found some lost part of it , soon dinner was ready and me and Shriya were hogging away to glory with the distant drums of the Chinese new year going clang bang , the muted TV and the laptop showing noting hill , a Julia Roberts movie . I very vaguely remember seeing the movie before, but yea no worries with the 2nd watch.

So dinner was done and as noting hill was going on, I noticed that I missed my tram; I was offered so stay until the next 10 mins when the next tram arrives. By now I had decided to express my displeasure with the statement she made, but maybe I was inspired to do something crazy to just convey my thought and yet now take it so serious.

Thinking this , I missed my 2nd tram as well , but nah I was sensible to get out and on my out , I yelled to Shriya as I was slamming the door , ' I am not meeting any girl friends tomorrow '. She went inside the room and I was like gosh you dint hear it!!! Nah 2 seconds later she rewinded back to the place where she has to enter the room and asked WHAT! So you had some other plans? To which I shot back, Na! I am not the there for all kind of guy. I think I made my point there and was continuing to read 2 states on my way back home.

Big thanks to the book, cos thats the one which inspired me to write this blog and finding my bearing in my blog world of English language.

Till the next one

Seeya all, peace and love

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