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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Of Criticisms and Inspirations

I certainly did not expect to come back so soon with another blog in such short span of time.Welcome back again to my  blog . Hmm its the weekend as i pen this down . Apologies for the frequent downtime on my previous blog post , it had to be tweaked and tweaked .

Well the days preceding the weekend was just as usual , I had to change places to be in more proximity to my team , there was nothing new as such cos the new place where i was going to was pretty routine for me , as i used to sit there in my weekend working. My manager came across and with a beaming smile said 'Shyam , you have to shift , i thought maybe the smile was a nice one and smiled back and guffawed oh no i am not shifting . She gave back with a smile saying 'Oh yes you are with a wave of  energy to which i refused again , until the writing was clear and the tone a lot more crisp like a Shyam ! . Uh oh now thats not a person speaking , thats my manager ordering , i said to myself and politely obliged.

I thought the shifting was a big ordeal , pheww the moving of the monitors and stuff and cleaning up of my new table. Imagine , it was me ! saying my place needs cleaning , one of my teammates passed me a few wet wipes to clean. As i was cleaning the table , i noticed the whiff of lavender kinda babyish lavender , and i asked hmm nice smell to which my team mate said oh you like it , its baby wet wipes !.

Hours skipped by and soon it was the evening of the friday and boy was weekend already in .The weather dint seem it was gonna hold up ,darky clouds loomed across the streets as I walked along the CBD and generally window shopping some dvds . I grabbed 2 of em which were on sale and went home. Quick cofee and i grabbed my couch to finish my 2 states to where i left it. 3 hours later i was done with it and then i started watching transformers 2 and finally hit the sack at 2 am . Beep beep goes my microwave as the clock struck 11 . And from then I had only 2 angles to my body , either it was 90 up on the laptop or 180 on the couch . And if my mum reads this she will probably freak out and by now uttering oh my god , shyam please change thing.

But hey I finally moved from 180 to a sudden burst if energy to clean up my house and shower to be a lot more presentable . Evening was raining again and then back to the non rental house. Those who don't know what is the non rental house , go back 2 blogs to figure out.

And Shriya gave me the gossip of my blog , apparently my previous blog had created some masala to be spread across, obviously the masala creator would have been the masala recipient , which is why newton 3rd law has happened and of course news goes faster with girls than the channel 7 or ndtv. 
And now I was thinking , wats next , i really dint feel happy to tweak my blogs and of course it was a kind of criticism and i decided to put my criticism to really more inspirational blog writing . And with that fire in me , i began writing this blog and I am actually done.

Seeya all in my next one 

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